Ghost fitting window in-gameSplunkworks, named as a homage both to the famous Lockheed Skunkworks and to Signal Cartel founder Johnny Splunk, is the division of Signal Cartel that provides advice to members on selecting, fitting, and flying the best ship for their needs. This is a new division, having been founded in November YC118: We are still coming up to speed.

Splunkworks services are available via the “Splunkworks” board on the Forums, via the Discord channel “#fitting-lab”, and via the in-game channel “SplunkWorks Public”. Our three associates, Director Anchovy Aideron and Associate Directors Thera Scanner and Po Huit, normally respond promptly to requests for help, as do many super-knowledgeable and skilled members of the Signal Cartel community.

We also post semi-regularly on the Splunkworks Forum, including sample ship fits with discussion and “Bad Fit Challenge” posts that teach how to avoid some easily-made fitting mistakes.

Works in progress includes updating and revising the Corp Fits, instituting “Fitting Challenge” fun contests, and providing more detailed guides for common Signal Cartel use cases, such as Covops Exploration and Wormhole PvE.