Signaleer Loen Janeway

Editor’s Note: We’ve not had one of these in a while and this one is a bit different than what we’ve done before. Instead of an interview style post, we’re sharing one of our members in game Bio’s. We hope you enjoy! – Katia Sae

Loen Janeway

30 is such a young age to become a widow. Though I suppose that when you are one of the immortals, a capsular, it’s all relative right? So then am I a 30 year old Widow forever? This I refuse.

We had just come through the only wormhole into that damned dead end system when everything went to hell. A strange storm in space that we had never been seen in our explorations damaged our ships. The electrical interference also seemed to disconnect our implants from our jump clones housed back at the Paleocybernetics Lab in Thera. And when the wormhole we came through closed, none open in its place.

With nothing left to do but wait, we transferred his pod to my ship. His, as if he doesn’t have a name. My husband’s name is Radical Divinity. Not was. Is. I refuse to believe what the medical personnel said when I was finally revived.

We set the autopilot to maintain a low, hidden, geosynchronous orbit around a small planetoid on the far outskirts of the system. The onboard computer systems were emitting a distress beacon that could only be picked up by the cartel. So with nothing left to do but wait, we sealed ourselves in our pods for the long nap in hopes that rescue would arrive in a few months. But rescue would only come for me…

3 long years. Thats how long it took for them to find us… me. When they revived me on the station, they said that my pod was all that was left. The ship was found adrift and half destroyed. No other pods or bodies were found.

Try to move on, and let him go. He’s dead they say. But I refuse. I know deep inside that he is out there somewhere. Lost and looking for me. I refuse to be torn asunder like David and Donate. I will not allow our story to become the same as theirs. Our names will not be all but forgotten by history.

No. I will continue searching every corner of this galaxy until I find him. I will not be all that remains of him to be a few pieces of his work left to rot in a tiny backwater Electric Caldari Museum.

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