Signal Cartel Brief


January 2015

Corp Mission

Neutral, peaceful exploration and Credo-compliant community service in all areas of space.


Katia Sae, CEO

Co-founded by
Johnny Splunk (Director), Mynxee (retired), and G8keeper (retired)


EvE-Scout Enclave

Corp Culture

Driven by our Credo. Friendly, helpful, kind, family friendly, and new player friendly (for those with an interest in exploration). We face the dangers of New Eden with courage, good cheer, and no tears. Members are expected to “be the content you want to see in Signal” (within the boundaries of the Credo).

Public Services

  • Thera Scanning Endeavor
  • EvE-Scout Rescue Division
  • Third-party transaction support upon request

Average Corp Size

Approximately 400 members (inactive members are removed regularly)