Sleeper Eradication

The Sleeper Eradication Division is a dedicated wormhole-based PvE organization within Signal Cartel. The idea behind this program is to equip and train Signaleers who want to branch out into a Credo-aligned combat experience that goes beyond solo mission running.

Wormhole space offers a very accessible and reasonably broad pathway of progression in PvE content with its Sleeper combat anomalies and cosmic signatures. It is arguably some of the most dangerous PvE content you can do, given the treachery of wormhole space. And there are plenty of options for running sites: You can run them by yourself or in a fleet, and they  can be run in fits that range from alpha-friendly to sub-capital and capitals (though we have yet to expand into the latter).

Our goal is to consolidate the information necessary to allow other players to experiment and progress in a manner that lets us all grow and develop as players within this particular niche of the sandbox.