Signal Cartel members appear in podcasts, write blogs, and are otherwise represented in EVE media outside the game on a regular basis. Here are links for your enjoyment and edification.

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Online Gaming Articles

  • PC Gamer – The 9-year journey to explore each of EVE Online’s 7,805 systems
  • Polygon – One Player Spent 10 years Exploring Every Corner of EvE Online, Apr 2019
  • Kotaku – EvE Online Player is the First to Visit Every Star System, March 2019
  • PC Gamer – Meet EvE’s Search and Rescue Task Force, March 2018


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Signal Cartel Q&A Sessions

We have produced a series of Q&As featuring prominent EVE players talking about a wide range of topics. They are recorded and publicly available at the links below. If you would would like to do a Q&A session for Signal Cartel on your area of expertise or play style, community work, or other EVE-related activity, get in touch with Mynxee or any Signal Cartel member you may already know to schedule a session. Info and guidelines for Q&A guests can be found here.