Anoikis Division

wormholeAnoikis Division is the opportunity to experience wormhole living in a more relaxed atmosphere than you would find in Thera, where there is a lot of griefing and gate camping especially at its highsec connections.

Activities include all the ones you might expect: Sleeper Eradication, Planetary Interaction, Gas Huffing, Mining, Data and Relic sites. Exploration of connecting wormhole chains also provide good opportunities for ISK generation. (Moon mining though does not happen in wormholes. Well, not yet, anyway.)

While not as active as Thera, there is of course always the risk of an ambush! But, on the positive side, all the holes in which we are active have host-friendly corporations who are happy to have us as guests—and who are also very proactive in protecting their assets from outsiders. Their presence, more often than not, simply means more protection from being attacked, as the locals hunt visitors while we go about our business.

We operate in three wormholes: Two C2s and a C4. One C2 has a highsec static, and the other a lowsec static, while the C4 is often a few jumps away from either a high- or lowsec entrance. This means Anoikis Division members can choose their level of risk.

The highsec C2 often gets lots of solo visitors hunting and small hunting fleets coming in from the high sec hole; whereas the C2 with the lowsec static tends to be less busy, but gets larger dedicated hunting fleets roaming about, which can be challenging. It’s also more problematic to move stuff in and out of this hole without loss. The C4 tends to be quiet, but the Sleepers are much harder to kill and usually need small fleets to eradicate them.

Exciting, frustrating, challenging, and certainly entertaining: that’s life in Anoikis Division.