The Short Life and Triumphant Death of Rescue Cache J154733

Author: Lucas Ballard

YC109-Dec-15 was a remarkable day for one Small Secure Container floating in Anoikis, illustrating in just a few short hours the full lifespan of a Eve Scout Rescue Cache that was very well used.

Rescue Cache J154733 started its life being anchored by Signal Cartel pilot Rover Dog.  Just a box floating out in the black of Anoikis, waiting to be opened.

A few hours later a call came into the EvE-Scout Public channel from a pilot named <redacted> who had apparently become stranded within the system.  Signaleer and regular corporate fixture pris Naari played the role of Agent and assisted <redacted> in finding the Rescue Cache and availing himself of the equipment stored within.  <redacted> soon found his way out of Anoikis and out of danger, having used 5 Core Scanner Probes out of the 8 that had been placed there by Rover Dog.

Lucas Ballard came online from the captain’s lounge aboard Rescue Five, his brand new Enforcer Force Recon Cruiser, having received word of <redacted> predicament a short time earlier.  However he soon learned of pris Naari’s handling of the situation moments before.  So he made preparations for a long roam through the ever-changing paths through Anoikis, to begin searching for other pilots who were waiting for their chance to escape their own J-Space prisons.

Not 10 minutes later, a pilot by the name of <redacted2> reached out on the Public channel, looking for assistance.  He had become stranded in Anoikis while piloting his brand new (and freakishly expensive) Caiman, a Guristas Dreadnought.  Lucas stepped in to help, and learned that the pilot was stranded in J154733, the very system that <redacted> had just escaped from less than one hour before.  Lucas directed him to the Rescue Cache, and 15 minutes later, <redacted2> sent a terse message simply stating that he had gotten out of Anoikis.

Less than 15 minutes after that, <redacted> reached out again in the EvE-Scout Public Channel.  Grateful for the assistance he had received an hour earlier, he had decided to fly back into J154733 to return the Core Scanner Probes he had borrowed.  But upon arriving at the location of the Cache, he discovered that it was no longer there.  Someone had destroyed the container!  So Lucas sent a secure message to <redacted2>, to get more information about just what had happened, and 2 hours later, <redacted2> responded.  Shortly after getting the probes from the Rescue Cache, it turned out that he had been jumped by a Sabre pilot who tried to keep him from getting away.  However quick reflexes and some savvy flying kept <redacted2> from being pinned down by the Interdictor, and he managed to escape.  In their frustration over missing such a valuable target, the Sabre pilot and/or his friends apparently destroyed the Rescue Cache.

Thus ended the short life of Rescue Cache J154733.  But what a life it had!  The little box was a light in the darkness for not one but TWO pilots, before being destroyed less than 12 hours after having been anchored.  A short but triumphant existence to be sure.

That Small Secure Container manifested the Eve Scout Rescue motto perfectly:  Hope Comes In A Box.

Carrier Rescue in J223018: Part III

[as compiled from the actual logs]

SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-24 19:35
We spotted an XL wormhole connection to a quieter J-space system we can move our operation to. Going to start making preparations to do just that!


#temp_private Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-24
[  19:40:46 ] Mako Koskanaiken > o7

[  19:40:47 ] Scarsan Stripes > ARE THOSE YOUR PROBES?

[  19:40:52 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Nope.

[  19:40:56 ] Scarsan Stripes > Poop. We have an XL wormhole. Can you check the forts? I’m on SOY.

[  19:42:19 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Sure.

[  19:43:42 ] Scarsan Stripes > It’s not locals. Too long to scan. I think it’s whoever popped through.

[  19:48:54 ] Scarsan Stripes > Oh! Haulers?

[  19:49:46 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I didn’t track where they went, but I think all three of those ships are the locals. I can check to see if they went to the Raitaru, out of d-scan range from here.

[  19:54:58 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Shall I scout the SOY C5 for our eventual exit?

[  19:55:34 ] Scarsan Stripes > Sure, I’m still on it and will watch this side for you.

[  19:55:42 ] Mako Koskanaiken > The haulers are not in the Raitaru, by the way.

[  19:55:57 ] Scarsan Stripes > Fort is empty?

[  19:56:14 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Yes, all three are empty.

[ 19:58:09 ] [unidentified] enters channel

[  19:58:10 ] [unidentified] > Hi.

[  19:58:13 ] Scarsan Stripes > O///

[  19:58:22 ] Mako Koskanaiken > o7!

[  19:58:30 ] Scarsan Stripes > They are in space in haulers, [unidentified]. Three of them.

[  19:58:46 ] [unidentified] > ?

[  19:58:51 ] Scarsan Stripes > Locals.

[  19:59:05 ] [unidentified] > Is there a Lowsec hole or…?

[  19:59:23 ] Scarsan Stripes > I am on an XL C4 or C5 wormhole. Mako, a Loki just went through.

[  20:00:06 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I’m going to jump in and see what’s on the other side.

[  20:01:11 ] Scarsan Stripes > [unidentified], my suggestion is we get out of here if we can, even though it’s still J-space.

[  20:02:12 ] Scarsan Stripes > Claw on d-scan.

[  20:02:14 ] Mako Koskanaiken > J113758, nothing on d-scan.

[  20:02:31 ] [unidentified] > You saw a Loki active?

[  20:02:37 ] Scarsan Stripes > Yes.

[  20:02:42 ] [unidentified] > Not sure how I feel about that. Did he warp off or did he cloak?

[  20:03:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > He went back in the wormhole. Locals are scanning again. Damn. Mako, get back now if you can.

[  20:03:54 ] [unidentified] > I’ll stay active for a while. Let me know what you can come up with.


[  20:07:50 ] Mako Koskanaiken > There’s one Astrahaus in here, and no one is in it. Nothing on d-scan. Five sigs, including the hole I just jumped through.

[  20:15:10 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Drifter Response Battleship on d-scan.

[  20:15:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > Occator and Helios on this side. [unidentified], thoughts? Wanna go for it?

[  20:19:57 ] [unidentified] > Ummmmm…this is just to get into another wormhole, ya?

[  20:20:15 ] Scarsan Stripes > Yes. We’re hoping for a less active system.

[  20:20:43 ] [unidentified] > It takes me two minutes to warp after I jump through, so if it isn’t clear and they see me at all — even probes — I’m done for.

[  20:20:51 ] Scarsan Stripes > Well, you’re the boss.

[  20:21:13 ] [unidentified] > What’s the chance this other system has a low sec hole?

[  20:21:21 ] Scarsan Stripes > We’re scouting now.

[  20:22:17 ] Mako Koskanaiken > The two holes in here lead to dangerous space. I haven’t found a spot which is perfectly safe, and there is a Drifter battleship in here.

[  20:23:18 ] Scarsan Stripes > For now, we just need a spot to log off in there.

[  20:23:36 ] [unidentified] > Have there not been a lot of XL holes?

[  20:23:53 ] Scarsan Stripes > The locals roll them ASAP every time!

[  20:24:37 ] Mako Koskanaiken > KVT hole in here is XL.

[  20:24:48 ] Scarsan Stripes > We will have eyes on their fort.


[  20:26:15 ] [unidentified] > Do you have a safe made in the other hole already?

[  20:27:25 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Yes. But I haven’t seen the Loki anywhere. I’m worried about that guy and the Drifter.

[  20:28:21 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Drifter is on the hole, just jumped there. He’s perched on your exit hole.

[  20:28:46 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughing] Damn drifters.

[  20:28:49 ] [unidentified] > [laughing nervously] Ya, it will scram me. I don’t have time to warp. Caps are so slow.

[  20:29:22 ] Scarsan Stripes > [unidentified], are you game to give it a try when the Drifter leaves?

[  20:29:27 ] [unidentified] > Yes.

[  20:29:40 ] Scarsan Stripes > Maulus Navy Issue on d-scan.

[  20:30:17 ] [unidentified] > ?

[  20:30:24 ] Scarsan Stripes > Locals.

[  20:30:27 ] [unidentified] > Aww.

[  20:31:51 ] Scarsan Stripes > Orca too

[  20:32:13 ] [unidentified] > [laughing] I’m sure they are watching the holes if they have an Orca out. They are going to roll that XL hole with it, I bet.

[  20:32:29 ] Scarsan Stripes > They’re always watching.

[  20:32:50 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I’d like to watch a Drifter blow up an Orca.

[  20:32:59 ] [unidentified] > Hear, hear. [laughter] If we can’t get it out soon, you can watch a carrier blow up.

[  20:35:14 ] Scarsan Stripes > Nooooooooooooooooo! [laughing] Mako, what’s the Drifter sitch?

[  20:36:03 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Still parked on the hole.

[  20:36:54 ] Scarsan Stripes > Try warping to a planet and drop cloak for a sec. See if he takes the bait.

[  20:37:07 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Alright.


[  20:39:46 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Hmm, he didn’t take the bait.

[  20:40:50 ] Scarsan Stripes > Helios splashed to you, Mako.

[  20:41:45 ] Mako Koskanaiken > He’s going to sh** a brick. 

[  20:50:53 ] Mako Koskanaiken > How far do these Drifters scram? I’m 1100 km off him. 

[  20:51:07 ] Scarsan Stripes > Dunno.


[  20:55:30 ] Mako Koskanaiken > He is totally disinterested in chasing my stupid little Helios.

[  20:55:42 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughing] I can’t believe we are being held up by a Drifter!

[  21:01:52 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I could try jumping into KVT. That’s the other XL hole in here.

[  21:02:50 ] Scarsan Stripes > Feel free to scout. I’m still on the exit.

[  21:03:00 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK, I won’t be long.

[  21:07:05 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Next system over is J004128. A ton of sigs. This might be the one we were looking for.

[  21:07:14 ] Scarsan Stripes > J004128 has a Lowsec static! Shattered, too, so no locals.

[  21:09:34 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I made a safe. Going back to last system to scout the Drifter.

[  21:10:11 ] Scarsan Stripes > Make sure wormholes are bookmarked at 0 in corp folder. J004128 is a winner.

[  21:10:25 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK.


[  21:12:17 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Drifter is STILL on the hole. Somebody needs a hobby.

[  21:16:52 ] [unidentified] > It won’t go away till it’s killed, if it hasn’t at this point.


[  21:18:31 ] Scarsan Stripes > Seriously! We have access to a Lowsec static.

[  21:18:51 ] Mako Koskanaiken > It wasn’t on the hole the entire time. I might continue trying the planet uncloaking.

[  21:23:22 ] [unidentified] > All because of one drifter. [sigh]

[  21:23:41 ] Scarsan Stripes > Still hope…

[  21:28:22 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Drifter is GONE.

[  21:29:00 ] Scarsan Stripes > [unidentified], YOU READY? We can jump straight to the shattered wormhole with the Lowsec static.

[  21:31:24 ] [unidentified] > Yes, I can be. Give me a few minutes.

[  21:35:15 ] [unidentified] > OK. We’re ready on this end.

[  21:36:03 ] Scarsan Stripes > Warp to me.

[  21:36:19 ] [unidentified] > On my way.

[  21:36:21 ] [unidentified] > Aligning.

[  21:36:52 ] [unidentified] > [mutters under breath] Come on, you pig.

[  21:37:16 ] [unidentified] > In tunnel.

[  21:38:19 ] [unidentified] > Jumped.

[  21:38:31 ] [unidentified] > Where to?

[  21:38:44 ] Scarsan Stripes > One more.

[  21:38:52 ] [unidentified] > Ya, takes forever to align.


[  21:39:27 ] [unidentified] > I’m committed. I’m about to be in tunnel.

[  21:39:32 ] [unidentified] > In tunnel.

[  21:40:35 ] [unidentified] > I’m jumping in.

[  21:40:55 ] [unidentified] > Here.



SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-24 22:17
We now find ourselves in a C5 shattered wormhole — WITH A LOWSEC STATIC! I realized too late that the Lowsec static is mostly useless to us, as it is a U210, and thus far too small to fit a carrier. But at least we no longer have to worry about locals!


Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-24 [unknown] System Located Scarsan Stripes J004128
Moved stranded pilot to a quieter system, J004128


Carrier Rescue in J223018: Part II

[as compiled from the actual logs]

#temp_private Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-20
[ 05:55:33 ] [unidentified] > o7

[ 05:57:47 ] Scarsan Stripes > o7

[ 05:58:00 ] [unidentified] > You still in J223018?

[ 05:58:11 ] Scarsan Stripes > I’m here, bud.

[ 05:58:16 ] [unidentified] > [cheering]

[ 05:58:24 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughter] Dedicated the last week or so  searching C5 wormholes for you!

[ 05:59:03 ] [unidentified] > Nice. I appreciate it.

[ 05:59:15 ] Scarsan Stripes > It’s been interesting.

[ 05:59:21 ] [unidentified] > Yeah?

[ 05:59:43 ] Scarsan Stripes > This system is active and they roll all the holes. Should be fun. Igaze is in here, too, but not on comms at the moment.

[ 06:00:59 ] [unidentified] > So, what connections do we have now?

[ 06:01:29 ] Scarsan Stripes > Where are you wanting to end up?

[ 06:01:53 ] [unidentified] > Lowsec. I could do Curse or Tribute.

[ 06:02:30 ] Scarsan Stripes > I will keep my eyes open. Right now there’s nothing but a C2 you won’t fit through.

[ 06:03:25 ] [unidentified] > OK. I’m going to keep the chatter to a minimum and let you work. Thanks again.

[ 06:03:28 ] Scarsan Stripes > We’ll ping you when we have an exit scanned down. o7

[ 06:03:40 ] [unidentified] > o7


Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-20 [unknown] System Located Scarsan Stripes J223018
Spoke with pilot. Is looking for an escort preferably to Curse or Tribute LS.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-20 06:17
Comms with stranded pilot have been established. I’m going to make us some perches to watch the locals from. They seem to be quite active; possibly aggressive.


#J223018_Local Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-21
[ 03:44:04 ] Lord Warlock > Why you hiding? Don’t you wanna come out and play?

[ 03:46:13 ] Lord Warlock > Hmm. Wonder which hole earlier you wandered in from. Hmm.

[ 03:49:33 ] Lord Warlock > Here we are, tryin’ to be friendly an’ have a little chitchat and you wanna be all antisocial. [sigh] See, guys, you all told me to try and be nicer and see how well it’s workin’ out?


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-21 12:22
Been on comms a bit with both Igaze and the stranded pilot. We’ve had a couple of false alarms today, a handful of hunters, and some “interesting” chatter from the locals. Oh yeah, I was bored, so I decided to rename my ship every time I decloak. 🙂


YC119-Oct-22 07:24
Been watching the locals and logging their activities, trying to figure out when they cycle patrols or are the least active. We’re hoping for an appropriately sized wormhole that the locals don’t pop on sight. We’ve had plenty of wormholes show up over the last two days, but these guys are pros at hole control! They roll them–quickly–every single time one shows up! It’s getting a bit frustrating, to be honest.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-22 17:36
We’ve started talking about trying to move the stranded pilot to another, hopefully quieter, wormhole. The locals seem to aggressively roll any connection to K-space, but not so much with connections to other parts of J-space. The search continues.


#J223018_Local Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-23
[ 23:10:51 ] Lord Warlock > We love you long time, Mr. Strat.

[ 23:13:20 ] Lord Warlock > Correction, “Mr. Ares.”

[ 23:18:48 ] Dread OverLord > Probe me, baby, probe me.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-24 06:02
Scanning and logging in TW. D-scan, d-scan, d-scan. Wait! Allison, I’ve got something on d-scan, approximately 8.4 AU away from our current location. Looks like it’s one of ours!


#temp_private Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-24
[ 06:03:11 ] Scarsan Stripes > o7. Can we talk?

[ 06:03:15 ] Mako Koskanaiken > [laughing] Guess you caught me entering.

[ 06:03:43 ] Scarsan Stripes > Been spamming d-scan since the sig popped up. We have a capital in here we are trying to rescue.

[ 06:04:48 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Anything I can do to help? Maybe leave? I’d imagine too many cooks in the kitchen might be a thing, but I’m available.

[ 06:05:44 ] Scarsan Stripes > We’ve been in here for four days. The locals are crazy active and have serious firepower. We could absolutely use your help. But be warned — it is crazy boring at the moment just waiting for an extra-large wormhole to pop up.

[ 06:11:14 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Sure I’ll hang out, as long as I can drink one of the three beers in my fridge. I’ll even chase it with coffee.

[ 06:13:06 ] Scarsan Stripes > [chuckles] We have been taking notes on the locals’ activity while we wait for a wormhole to open. They are pros in here. All kinds of ships.

[ 06:14:12 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK, you and Igaze and me. Do the locals know they’ve someone trapped in here? And that we are waiting for an extra large hole?

[ 06:15:08 ] Scarsan Stripes > No. they have seen Igaze and know his ship, and they have d-scanned me but not seen me.

[ 06:15:41 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I’m in a Helios, so if they’ve seen me at least they aren’t worried about me.

[ 06:15:59 ] Scarsan Stripes > The stranded pilot needs to get to Low or Null, but if we can just get to another wormhole, we’d be way better off. So you in for the long haul, no pressure?

[ 06:18:19 ] Mako Koskanaiken > No pressure at all. I’ll hang out cloaked indefinitely.

[ 06:18:33 ] Scarsan Stripes > That’s awesome, man! We have a bookmark in corp bookmarks called “safe past x.” You can drop probes there, if needed, relatively unseen. Please be sure to warp at a distance to the bookmark so we don’t decloak each other. 🙂

[ 06:25:10 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK. Let me burn away from the safe for a bit.

[ 06:25:18 ] Scarsan Stripes > No problem. They do usually have a cloaky d-scanner, but I think he’s off-duty at the moment. While you’re burning, I’ll update the SAR page with your presence.


Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-24 [unknown] System Located Scarsan Stripes J223018
Mako Koskanaiken has joined us in wormhole to help. Stranded pilot is still in system.


#temp_private Channel Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-24
[ 06:29:15 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK. I see that there are extra-large wandering High, Low, and Null connections in this system. When one shows itself, what’s the plan?

[ 06:30:18 ] Scarsan Stripes > Well, the ship we’re rescuing takes 75 seconds to align, so we need a clear path. The extra eyes will help immeasurably.

[ 06:30:27 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Scouting I can do.

[ 06:31:16 ] Scarsan Stripes > It has been two days since we’ve seen a non-static wormhole in here, so we should see one soon…ish. I hope. If we get a wormhole to Lowsec, or even quiet Null, we can take that. Because of the slow align, we’re going to be shepherding this guy all the way to the dock.

[ 06:35:44 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Interesting.

[ 06:36:51 ] Scarsan Stripes > Yeah, it should get real interesting when we get a viable connection. The locals here never sleep…and they have an army of capitals.

[ 06:37:30 ] Mako Koskanaiken > So are the locals fighting other folks? I haven’t looked up the owners yet.

[ 06:38:39 ] Scarsan Stripes > The BlackHawk Federation of The Dominion Empire alliance. Lord Warlock is the CEO and he is very active in here. Looks like they’re not entirely devoted to capsuleer combat, but they have plenty of kills.

[ 06:41:33 ] Mako Koskanaiken > So they like to probably use these extra large wormholes to raid Nullsec. Though from zKill it looks like they prefer wormholes.

[ 06:43:18 ] Scarsan Stripes > They were talking yesterday about joining the mob in Curse, but you can be sure that they will have eyes on this wormhole, whatever else they decide to do.

[ 06:45:46 ] Scarsan Stripes > Alright, man, I think you’re up to speed. I’m very glad you decided to stay. It will really help! You might want to set me and Igaze on you buddy list. The stranded pilot is not giving us his name, and he’s maintaining radio silence until we ping him with a viable exit.

[ 06:47:47 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Got it.

[ 06:49:00 ] Scarsan Stripes > It’s my bedtime. Thank you so much for helping. You got the next watch?

[ 06:50:06 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Yep, no problem. If I see a new sig and it’s an XL wormhole, I’ll put the sig in corp bookmarks.

[ 06:50:58 ] Scarsan Stripes > Yes, sir. Remember to drop probes at the “safe past x”.

[ 06:51:26 ] Mako Koskanaiken > OK.

[ 06:51:27 ] Scarsan Stripes > The static never needs to be probed if you don’t want to.

[ 06:52:04 ] Mako Koskanaiken > I don’t want to stir the hornet’s nest without good cause.

[ 06:52:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughing] All good, man.

[ 06:53:19 ] Mako Koskanaiken > Alright. Sleep well. By the time you awake, I will either be asleep myself or podded 🙂

[ 06:53:45 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughing] Good night. o7

[ 06:53:53 ] Mako Koskanaiken > o7

Carrier Rescue in J223018: Part I

[as compiled from the actual logs]

Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-07 [unknown] New Tarja Naskinen J223018
Stranded pilot’s carrier is stuck, mods offline, ‘sitting duck’. No launcher, no depot. Declined to give name.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-11 16:26
Burnt out on relics and pirates. I have a virgin Stratios in the ship hangar. Probably time I set sail in search of some big fish…REALLY BIG FISH. Noticed earlier that we have a stranded pilot in a capital in a C5 wormhole. That’s my next mission. Undocking as soon as I load rescue caches and mobile depot. Off to find that fabled C5 highway!



Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-14 [unknown] Open Thrice Hapus J223018
Been a week. Sent status check to stranded pilot to see if he is still in need of our help. Waiting for response.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-15 13:27
Days into my search for J223108. Difficult to not stray off the C5 highway. I find a stretch of it, and it ends a few systems later.


Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-15 [unknown] Open Thrice Hapus J223018
Pilot has confirmed. Still stranded and awaiting rescue.


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-18 22:31
Been about a week now. I’m in a shattered system with three statics: C5, C3, and Nullsec. Scanned all sigs and no dice. I’m a little tired, so I’m going to camp here for a bit. Maybe get some shuteye while the sigs expire and respawn.

YC119-Oct-19 18:35
Just got an alert from Allison. What luck! All known wormholes are collapsed, so I’ve got a fresh start. Looks like I’m ready to continue on with my fishing trip. I figure since it’s a C5 I’m after, I might as well start there.


ESR Co-Pilot [ALLISON] Automated Log Entry
YC119-Oct-19 18:38

  • J223108: No Rescue Cache Present
  • Be sure to bookmark your exit before warping away
  • I see no record of any ships destroyed here in the past hour
  • This is a class 5 system


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-19 18:40
THIS IS IT! First things first. Let’s give this system some rescue cache love…

 Rescue Cache


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-19 18:52
Rescue Cache sown. Now, let’s see who else is around and might be able to back me up…


#sar_pilots Channel Transmission Log (excerpted) :: YC119-Oct-19
[ 18:52:43 ] Scarsan Stripes > Got a rescue system here: J223018

[ 18:53:34 ] Igaze > Cool! Any easy routes to it right now?

[ 18:54:27 ] Scarsan Stripes > No map yet. There’s a Nullsec static, though.

[ 18:55:22 ] Igaze > I’m on low duty cycle the next week or so, so I can park there to hold it open while we contact the rescue.

[ 18:56:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > OK. I’m in a slow Stratios, and this wormhole looks busy. I’ll be careful till you get here.

[ 18:57:11 ] Igaze > Going to try and convo him first. Looks like he’s in a carrier. I may see about bringing a mobile depot for him.

[ 18:57:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > I have one.

[ 18:58:08 ] Igaze > Although a null exit is what he’ll be looking for.

[ 18:58:25 ] Scarsan Stripes > I’ll start mapping.

[ 19:00:20 ] Thrice Hapus enters channel

[ 19:00:23 ] Igaze > o7, Thrice.

[ 19:00:25 ] Thrice Hapus > o7

[ 19:00:27 ] Scarsan Stripes > o7

[ 19:00:31 ] Thrice Hapus > Just got the alert from Allison. You all are already on it, I see. Great!

[ 19:00:41 ] Igaze > Scarsan Stripes, the stranded pilot is not responding to my ping, but I’m messaging him and copying you.

[ 19:00:55 ] Scarsan Stripes > Coolio.

[ 19:01:13 ] Igaze > I’m a bit sketchy right now. May make a run to get there if a good route is available, but I might have to bail before then.

[ 19:01:16 ] Scarsan Stripes > Igaze, no problem, I can hold down the fort.

[ 19:01:58 ] Thrice Hapus > If things are in motion, that’s all I needed to know. Carry on! This will be one AAR I’m looking forward to reading! If I can help, shoot me a message or send me a ping. Thanks. o7

[ 19:02:11 ] Thrice Hapus has left channel

[ 19:03:21 ] Igaze > So, any idea yet where that null connection goes? I’m in Thera in an Ares right now, so that could be a viable option for me.

[ 19:03:37 ] Scarsan Stripes > Scanning now. Give me a minute.

[ 19:03:46 ] Igaze > No problem.

[ 19:05:56 ] Scarsan Stripes > 8ZO-CK

[ 19:06:51 ] Igaze > Stain.

[ 19:07:27 ] Scarsan Stripes > It’s in corp bookmarks now as “wormhole  rescue”.

[ 19:07:34 ] Igaze > K. Checking if there’s a viable route. I’ve been told Stain can be exciting.

[ 19:08:07 ] Scarsan Stripes > [laughing] Yes.

[ 19:09:15 ] Igaze > Gatecamp check shows no kills on the route recently.

[ 19:10:34 ] Scarsan Stripes > System was empty when I recorded it in Tripwire. It’s close enough to our buyback station if you have a clone there.

[ 19:12:05 ] Igaze > I don’t usually fly in null so I’ve not been down there before.

[ 19:12:47 ] Scarsan Stripes > Ahh, bummer.

[ 19:12:49 ] Igaze > I’m going to see if I can get there. Shouldn’t take too long in the Ares. 18 jumps.


[ 19:20:40 ] Scarsan Stripes > Heads up. Combat probes out, should be a fun one!

[ 19:20:54 ] Igaze > Heh. Stain does have handy corp bookmarks, at least.

[ 19:21:14 ] Scarsan Stripes > Yep, lots.

[ 19:25:45 ] Igaze > Pretty clear so far.

[ 19:27:30 ] Scarsan Stripes > It’s nice that we had a wormhole to Stain. I’m sure we have a dozen or so other pilots there, too.

[ 19:27:57 ] Igaze > More than likely 🙂

[ 19:50:57 ] Igaze > All right. I’m cloaked up at a safe in J223018.

[ 19:51:07 ] Scarsan Stripes > All right. Now we wait. o7


SAR Pilot Log Entry: Scarsan Stripes
YC119-Oct-19 19:45
Mapping completed on the few options we have at that moment. Awaiting contact from the stranded pilot.


Search and Rescue Request Update

Date Pilot Status Agent System
YC119-Oct-19 [unknown] System Located Scarsan Stripes J223018
Scarsan Stripes and Igaze are in system. Pilot has been informed. Waiting for reply.

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